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Antivirus – remove malware from pc.

Added: 2012-11-09

From time to time it is good to install another antivirus on pc to checking system for malware. Before you install another antivirus program, first uninstall current version (alternative to this operation is use RescuCD).

After uninstall antivirus you may have a problem:

These problems are mostly the result of leftover entries in the system registry. Some manufacturers of anti-virus programs form programmes for cleaning registry.

Examples of antivirus:

It is best to run the antivirus program from the LiveCD, without having to uninstall antivirus in OS. But if you want use LiveCD (RescueCD), you must know how to start working pc from cd/dvd-rom or usb.

Antivirus in LiveCD is easy-to-use. These programs are better than antivirus software installed in system, because are more resistant to modify.

Examples RescuDisk:

If viruses are installed in the memory expansion cards or BIOS, RescueCD probably will not detect this malawere.