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CMD – actualization of viruses database of signatures Avira from console line.

Added: 2012-03-16

Program Avira is constantly being in development and still are created new tools, is very interesting antivirus for administrators systems. Avira consoles is easy to configure and installation (page in Polish language).

Avira has created program fusebundle for system Windows and Linux, that allows you download current signatures of viruses from command line. This tools gives the administrators the ability to download onetime database of viruses to FTP server, and resend it to all desktops in local network.

Fusebundle retrieves the current virus database to a compressed file. If there are older archive of viruses, preforms only updates.

Below is script, there using program fusebundle to download archives to folder installavira, after this operation using 7zip (you must have it) preforms extract file. If file before actualization is smaller from the file after updating, extracting the file is executed. Script must be in directory, where is console Avira and Avira Fusebundle Generator.

Single click select code, double print page.

@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

@echo Script download current database viruses of Avira.
@echo Avira Fusebundle Generator is need to download sigantures.
@echo Next install new database in folder with Avira console.
@echo Avira Fusebundle Generator and script must be in directory, where is console Avira.

set size=0
if not exist install_avira\ GOTO UPDATE

for %%a in ("install_avira\") DO (
	set size=%%~za
	@echo Database before: !size!

@echo Downloading files...
fusebundle /i install_avira /t temp_avira
if [%errorlevel%] NEQ [0] GOTO ERROR

for %%a in ("install_avira\") DO (
	@echo Database after: %%~za
	if [!size!] NEQ [%%~za]	(
		@echo Installing signatures...
		7z e -y install_avira\
	) ELSE (
		@echo The files are the same.


@echo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@echo Error!!!


Tested in Windows 7