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Choose default search engine?

Added: 2012-08-30

In one region of the world one engine search is more popular than others, sometimes it is not the result the capability of the tool.

Sometimes user like one engine search, but uses another because it have some functionality, whose he need.

Different search results, for the same keyword, not due only to the fact that the use of various tools to search:

  • place in the world where you are looking for information (geographical censorship)
  • text whose you search (censorship moral, commercial, supplier)
  • operation system, browsers, device whose you use
  • information about us, that Internet companies have accumulated

Engine search Google is most popular in world and returns the correct results in most cases. You find some tools on this page wiki o Google. If you do not get information whose you want, try build another query. if you still do not have good informations, try changing engine search to e.g. bing.

If you want more information on some things, first step is to page company or university or thematically specialized website. Next step is search using engine who specializes in this category, on this page you find 100 alternative search engine