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Hard disk or SSD as drive for your home computer?

Added: 2012-01-21

Drive SSD they have several disadvantages and advantages. Biggest advantages are: resistance for mechanical damage, quickly doing writing and reading operation and working quietly. Unfortunately in comparison with HDD in home PC, they have too high price. Another disadvantages this drive, is the short life cycle in comparison with magnetic disk.

Drives SSD are used in mobile devices, which are exposed to shock and impact.

In complex of servers, multiple drives is SSD, but still as a percentage of the commonest HDD. The flash drive is the magazine information, programs, whose have biggest meaning to work fast all systems. On HDD in farms data are informations, and else programs that are used in the system. The new servers farms using dedicated drives, whose working faster and have longer cycle lives than SSD.

Some people used “hybrid” SSD and HDD in home PC. The SSD is installed the operating system and frequently used programs, and the most important data. On HDD are films, photographs, programmes, and a copy of the safety.

On market you can find hybrid drive, which has a few gigabytes flash memory, the rest of the memory is magnetic. Such a drive is neither fast, neither has large capacity and does not have a long life cycle.

Many companies working to develops technologies to create the drive that will be faster and cheaper than SSD.

If you want to select HDD, first you must know what you want (two elements):

  • the capacity of the
  • read-write speed
  • reliability
  • quietness

Important are opinions about concrete models:

  • friends, sellers
  • technical information
  • ranking on professional page
  • opinion on forums (note on advertising)