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Hardware - choice of graphics card.

Added: 2012-10-13

Is it worth it to buy a new graphics card that is the question (Shakespeare asked him in one of his books ;p). Before you changing the graphics card in a PC it is worth considering when buy a new card and when to invest in a used graphics card.

If you do not have high requirements for the graphics performance and the computer is only your window to the world (surfing the web, and simple tasks and games that do not require high computing power) it is best to look at the market devices from second-hand.

Even if you decide to have an older graphics card, you should know something about it (performance and whether the price is not too high). In case of insufficient computing power of the card, which you have now, a very important question is why did not meet our expectations.

If you want to watch movie in high-definition, better pick card that can support this resolution and it has a passive cooling. If you are an occasional player, It's best to choose affordable devices but which meets our expectations (average shelf should be adequate). In the case of using the computing power of graphics cards, whether in games or graphics programs (or otherwise), you should look for very powerful cards and very expensive.

Cooling in graphics cards can be divided into passive and active. Passive cooling is the quietest, which gives us comfort in the lack of an additional source of noise and no need for frequent cleaning of the fan, and without having to exchange his. Cards with passive cooling are low and medium performance. Active cooling has a lot of graphics cards in different categories of performance. Cards with fan are usually cheaper than models with passive cooling. Water cooling is very efficient, should be used in very powerful cards.

Most of the new cards has a number of monitors outputs, so the user can use two monitors without problem. They also support high resolution and are compatible with the latest image processing specifications. When you buy a card you should obtain informati from the seller, your friends and find some data on the Internet.

Here are some interesting sites:

  • pclab - you'll find reports and rankings many devices.
  • benchmark - extensive tests on hardware, articles, test procedures clearly described.
  • hwcompare - Comparing graphics cards.
  • surlix –a page containing a large number of graphics cards (and not only) arranged in a table according to the criterion from the most efficient for the weakest.