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AMD - what and when to choose the APU or cpu (desktop)?

Added: 2011-10-01

New computer architectures, offer more opportunities to you to choose the right equipment for the user. New component of computers works faster, consume less electricity and are often smaller.

AMD is now selling the new cpus with integrated graphics. The new name of processors is APU, they have new socket FM1.

New processors, new dilemmas, buy new architectures or “old” cpu.

APU A-series better display the image on the monitor, than currently available Intel processors i-x series with integrated graphics . However Intel cpus in the calculations are faster.

When selecting the APU, it must be remembered that these processors do not have an integrated memory for the graphic.

If you want fast computer, whose must to do many operation in same time, then you don't buy A-series APU. In that case better choice is Phenom II or Athlon II x4 (see rankings).

For gamer, whose to want display in full detail graphic in the new games, APU now is not a good choice. If you wish to purchase a pair of powerful graphics cards APU is a alternative. These processors work with graphics card and can increasing their productivity, just one card and APU;)

Processors A-series family APU, are the connecting between expensive and cheap computers. For home computer AMD APU are good choice. The displaying graphic have good parameters, You can quickly do convert or compress a large file. Computer with APU is cheaper than the same computer with the same parameters "old" cpus and graphic card.

To office, APU are not good choice, if you don't must sometime work with graphic or converting large amounts of data.

APU A-series are good for home.

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